Through education, counseling  and therapeutic services

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About Us

Incema Non Profit Organisation is an organization that focuses on building communities

through education, counseling  and therapeutic services. Incema is more focused on social crime prevention programmes, its intention is to reach the roots of gender based violence which is the households and local communities.

Our Values

Our Mission

Provide counseling, educational and therapeutic services to affected individuals, families and communities through various programmes and projects.

Our Goals

  • Provide intervention when the sexually inappropriate behaviour starts or as soon as it is identified, in an attempt to stop it. In doing so,
  • No further children are exposed to sexually inappropriate behaviour and the chances of the child offender becoming an adult offender are decreased.
  • Overall, program is not just aimed at providing reaction services in a form therapy and counselling, it is also aimed at educating communities and capacitate stakeholders in order to prevent sexual abuse committed against women and children through different projects and programs.

Our Vision

Prevent the future increase of sexual violence that is likely to be committed by sexual abuse reactive children.

Prevent further victimization to children who have been presexualised

Current Programmes

Services We Offer


We have trained counsellors helping our patients to find ways to work through and understand their challenges.

Therapeutic Services

Incema provides a safe, confidential and secure space in which we are able explore difficulties being experienced to gain greater understanding and knowledge about patients, others, situations and circumstances.

Educational Services

We provide Systems of integrated services to students to enhance their educational environment.

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